June 22, 2019 at 10:36PM Aphasia rehabilitation application development diary

#Dream friend Nagatomo I applied for something like this.

I am making free rehab app #CommRehab for people with aphasia who have difficulty speaking because of brain disease.

I think that I would like to help because the rehab period set by the country is not enough, and it will also cause an economic burden.
I think that you can return more value to you if you support us.

that’s all.
#Twitter can not write at all what I want to convey because there are limited characters.

So add #Instagram.

Currently, at the development stage, but in general the framework of the app is built, I think that it is possible to complete my fund even to the level that can be used as one content of the homepage. However, you can not get out of the framework of the home page, and you can not make it from the license relationship of the used photo to make it an Android or iPhone app from here.

At the actual medical site or at home
There are places where there is no Internet environment.
If you take a picture or change it to a smartphone app, you can use it as long as you can install it even on a smartphone or tablet without SIM. (There is a limitation of some functions)

By itself,
The range of people who can use it is expanded
The problem of those who are troubled by aphasia,
[National institutional limits]
[Economic burden]
[Burden to family]
I think that can be relaxed.

It will be inferior when compared with the actual therapist,
Is it not a big thing if it is thought that the person who is hoped can be rehabilitated with less burden by plus alpha?

There are more to say the details, but it is almost like this as an advantage of those who are suffering from illness.

However, I think that the business model that everyone in all positions can obtain (but I think I think that I am more than half volunteer level) is good.

If you support me or sponsor me in my app, change the photo to an item sponsor’s thing, put a logo in such a way that it does not get in the way of those who use it, and become a high quality advertising tower. I think that we can contribute to the sales of both in real and indirect ways.

To here is my dream, though. Lol

It has been long, but thanks to Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks such as retweets and likes and followers you have followed.

And, although it has not been completed, if you can get in touch with anything, it is possible to work hard.

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