Chrome’s “this page is not working” aphasia rehabilitation application development diary

It seems that the error of the above title will come out.

If you examine it,
It seems that “ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR” error may appear when the script tag and the in-frame tag are included from version 56 of Google Chome.

Some of this application, because it is running in JavaScript can not be deleted tags, to be avoided …

The cause of the error is
It seems to be a problem that Chrome side is caused by XSS, dynamic web page vulnerability and other problems.
So it seems that you can avoid it by teasing the “X-XSS-Protection” header.

I immediately added “header (‘X-XSS-Protection: 0’);” to the PHP code.

It would be nice if I could avoid it.

Aphasia rehabilitation application commuriha development diary ver 190503

It is now the Golden Week that you want to be a new era, a rebel.
Because I work for a convalescent hospital, I do not go with 10 consecutive holidays,
I think it was a good start early May.

Production of commuriha does not change greatly,
As it is usable level in rehabilitation even now,
In the development stage, we have received voices from patients and their families.
Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a language auditor.

Even though
Still, it is not enough to explain how to use etc. and to make it easy to understand, so I would like to improve it step by step.

For now.
If you do not enrich this site content,
I can not afford the adsense, so I can not afford the server cost, so I have to manage it …

Aphasia rehabilitation application commuriha development diary ver 190425


It is under development,
As it is in a state that can be implemented even in speech therapy, it would be appreciated if you could use it.

As usable contents
Word listening comprehension selection
Word pictogram understanding selection
Motion picture listening comprehension selection
Action pictogram understanding selection
Explanation of operation

Speech recognition depends on the model used.
We think that we can use with PC, smartphone, tablet approximately.
I think if you can use it with Google Chrome, it will be able to make the most of the function.

As a teaching material that can be used in training for medical personnel such as speech therapists,
As equipment that can work on training other than rehab time to patient and family,
We are developing.

There are about 640 photos at the moment
I wonder which type of card is used at which hospital.
However, I do not have time to process the photo at present, so background stimulation will be more compared to the picture card a little, so I think that I could reduce the stimulation and make it easier to put out the desired words.

We will continue to offer free to those who are suffering from illness.