Aphasia rehabilitation application development diary at the hospital I am working today

Well, I heard about the commuriha from the occupational therapist’s boss on my way home from work today.
It seems that the homepage came out by search.
Because I did not think that people in the hospital would be told so early, I thought that the industry was surprisingly narrow.

It’s still a bit embarrassing because it’s only half-baked.

I would like to make a process chart to improve work efficiency.

We plan to announce the usefulness of the aphasia rehabilitation app at the in-hospital study group in August.
However, I can’t get statistics, but I would like to check the possession rate of smartphones and PCs, the number of people who are the number of people who get aphasia during the year, and whether photos are useful as a substitute for picture cards.
The usefulness of the alternative may be unreliable as evidence, but it seems that it is likely to be better with a paper that a university in the United States is offering with Google’s assistance.
So I have to be able to fix the program and set up the training menu that the user had according to the current SEO by July.
I think that creating training menu from SLTA still takes time since it will take time.
Let’s give priority to program modification in June.